Part of Sheffield Diocese Centenary Project

Working with Young People

Anglican Churches in Balby, Loversall and Wadworth 

Three years go we became part of a project to re-establish youth work in local churches. We have established two groups which meet regularly. Our initial funding has nearly all run out and we need help to keep the project going. So please support us we can keep working with young people in the area.

Spark - Fortnightly group on Monday evenings for 1.5 hours. An opportunity for friendships and community to grow amongst young people who are all exploring their faith journeys, all at different paces. Sessions usually begin with snacks and games, followed by an introductory activity to the topic, bible study, activity and prayer/worship time of reflection. This group runs throughout the year, only stopping for school holidays, public holidays and in the summer is replaced by the opportunity to attend a Christian summer camp. 

Ignite - Weekly group on Friday evenings for 1.5 hours. This group focuses on relational outreach, acting as a bridge between the community and our exploring faith groups. Each week there are faith elements to the session, primarily in our ‘cafe time’ where we spend time together as a group often exploring different series on faith and life topics. A typical session looks like a mixture of activities from sports to gaming, crafts, beauty, baking and more in addition to our ‘cafe time’ as a whole group. This group runs throughout the year, only stopping for school and public holidays.Type your paragraph here.